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Making It


Hollis Jordan


This show is for the fans, musicians and singers.

We’re bringing stories and insider information from industry experts and who have created a successful lifestyle and those who are on their way.

We’ll share tips on how to leverage your career and to further boost visibility, position, authority and ways to monetize to help you grow, along with some insider stories of some of your favorite artist.

Tune-in as they share stories, lessons learned, and mistakes made, while you get the ‘inside scoop’ on how to ‘make it’ too.

Guaranteed to be informative and entertaining!

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Lizzo demand that “people vote to change”

“It means everything to making a change in this country. So remember when you’re voting for your favorite artists vote to change some of these laws that are oppressing us.” Lizzo accepted her win for Video for Good at MTVs Video Music Awards on Sunday night, and used...

Podcast Coming Soon

As his way of helping up and coming artists, Award Winning Recording Artist, Hollis Jordan interviews experts in the music biz to uncover how they are ‘Making It’ in this ever changing industry. Stay tuned... Coming soon!

My Vision and Goals

My vision for this podcast is to let people see what its like trying to make in the music industry. So that they can apply these things to help achieve their dreams and goal no matter what industry they happen to be in.  And, at the same time, help people learn more about some of there favorite artis or maybe discover new artist as they reach for the top.

I now have this platform to explore how others have made it, and I’ll take you along as we learn together. That is my goal!

Who Am I

I’m a recording artist trying to make it in the music industry. I love what I do and would like to expand into different aspects of not just the music business but all business ventures.

My Story

I came up literally singing in the streets of Detroit. I’ve always had a strong love for music, and a strong desire to learn how to make it in the music industry.

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